CURRY- Medium hot £5.75/£6.55
MADRAS – Fairly hot £5.95/£6.75
VINDALOO –Very hot £6.15/£6.85
BENGAL £6.55/£6.95
Almond powder cooked with tomato, cream, mild sauce on top  
ROGON JOSH £6.55/£6.95
Cooked with tomato, green pepper and a touch of garlic- medium hot sauce on top.  
KURMA £6.55/£6.95
Cooked with coconut flour and cream –very mild.  
MOGHLAI £6.55/£6.95
cooked with eggs, nuts and cream mild.  
SAG £6.55/£6.95
Spinach cooked in medium hot spice, dry  
BINDI (okra) £6.55/£6.95
Cooked with okra and spices. Medium hot.  
ALOO £6.55/£6.95
Cooked with potatoes and spices. Medium hot  
DUPIAZA £6.55/£6.95
With lots of onions and spices. Medium hot  
KASHMIR £6.55/£6.95
Cooked with bananas, lychees and cream. Mild  
BHUNA £6.55/£6.95
Fresh spices and herbs. Medium hot and fairly dry  
MALAYA £6.55/£6.95
Very mild cooked with pineapples.  
CEYLON £6.55/£6.95
Cooked with coconut flour and fresh herbs- madras hot.